Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Greada Treaty 1954 - Treaty between Aliens and the US Government?

1953 astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward earth. In the beginning they believed they were asteroids, but later evidence proved the objects could only be spaceships. The Projects Sigma and Plato intercepted alien radio communication and using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face-to-face contact with alien beings from another planet. Meanwhile, a race of human-looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government, warning us that the aliens orbiting the equator were hostile beings from Orion. These human-type aliens demanded we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons, that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop killing each other,  stop polluting the planet earth, stop raping the earths natural resources and learn to live in harmony with one another. President Dwight D Eisenhower rejected these demands.

In 1954, the race of aliens, known as Greys, from Zeta Reticuli area in space, who had been orbiting the equator, landed at Holloman Air Force Base. they stated their planet was dying and needed quarters on earth to conduct genetic experiments that might allow their race to survive; this in exchange for certain technology. President Eisenhower met with the aliens and a formal treaty was signed [Greada treaty]. This treaty stated the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth secret; they would furnish us with advanced technology.   They could abduct humans on a limited basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans have no memory of the event. It was also agreed the alien bases would be constructed underground, beneath Indian reservations in the 4 corners area of Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. Another was to be constructed in Nevada in the area known as S-4, about 7 miles south of area 51, known as 'Dreamland'.


  1. I believe we are persuing them below to terminate them. I believe things have gotten out of our hands and cannot be stopped. If only we could bestroy the greys we could get on with destroying the planet. Tell everone. this is the right time to come out of the closet with the truth. It will set us free.

  2. I have been in space on a ship with four different aliens groups aboard the same ship. They showed me the path we are all on now because of the stupidity and arrogance of our world leaders. Some of us will be lucky to leave here when the time comes. It isn't war between humans that will end everything. It will be war between the different aliens groups that want this planet for themselves and the ones who have protected us and have been responsible for us since the beginning of human existence! Our military forces have a huge black budget they have been using to build a huge military force of super soldiers to fight with certain alien groups when this time comes. It will be ultimately started in space because our leaders think they can keep it in space. They are wrong! They have no idea what they are up against! They have placed every single soul on this planet in the line of fire! For ego's sake! I hope everyone reading this believes in God. He is real. He is an Alien and he is coming. Man is he passed at what we have done with his planet!