Monday, January 9, 2012

Planet Zeeba

There are several sources that predict an alien attack coming from planet zeeba .
In November 2012 three giant aliens spaceships to Earth will come to the largest have a diameter of more than 320km have. The scientists have predicted the SETI program (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). John Malley, one of the experts, said: "Currently, the three spacecraft at Jupiter, starting from its current rate, they will reach Earth in Autumn 2011.."

The ships could be seen about in November 2011 for normal telescopes, if they happen to Mars. The U.S. government has been informed by the scientists on the visit.

From August, the U.S. would prepare its population to the alien attack, said John Malley on.


  1. who ever wrote this page should read it out loud. It sounds like your retarded. Do you actually believe the world is going to end in 11/2012? Im pretty sure that there are aliens out there but I think Im still going to be around in 2013. If you want people to believe your crap or at least take you seriously you might want to rewrite this page. Or have someone smart write it for you.

  2. Serious, what type of grammar is that? Was you on the Leave No Retard Behind Program and was forced to quit because you had failed lunch ... again?

  3. Anonymous, you should have someone proofread your writings. You have many mistakes. Get someone smart to write it for you.